Scroll down Mentally ill, in solitary, AC or segregation; no treatment, some soon to be released

Luis C Granados 488849;
GBCI  PO Box 1903
Green Bay, WI 54307

Affidavit here:

Diagnoses MH 2: with several illnesses including Bi Polar. He has requested treatment and programming and has received none. has exhausted remedies.
Luis C Granados  born :1991.  To be released without treatment or training  :6 16 17

Click to read affidavit and letter:

Jovan Williams 575056 GBCI; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, 19033
Born 1993; Out date 10 17 27
Letter and affidavit:

Luis Granados AC GBCI , 26 Y0 .to be released for seg 6 17

Luis C Granados 488849; GBCI  PO Box 19033 , Green Bay, WI 54307
Affidavit here. Diagnoses MH 2: with several illnesses including Bi Polar. He has requested treatment and programming and has received none. has exhausted remedies.

AC case one: Jimmy Chandler solitary confinement AC setup at Boscobel

Overview:  We are hearing of the wholesale dumping of prisoners into AC_(long term solitary) going on in WCI and CCI to WSPF. AC is "administrative confinement" and  is vague in its criteria and has no end date. At present, The longest serving ac prisoner, LaRon McKinley ( 27 Years in solitary) won his way back to general through last summer's hunger strike . He will soon be going to general population in another state and  now has a suit in settlement stage that he hopes will put a year cap on solitary, FFUP is working with prisoner litigators to
 1)bring rules similar to those newly installed in Colorado by the former WI DOC secretary.   to
 2) build mental health treatment Centers and
  3) to end long term solitary confinement altogether.
see links below:
Colorado does it right- Center for Investigative Journalism article and details of CO system
What we are after - treatment center mandated by lawsuit for women's prison in Fond du Lac,WI

Case one AC
Jimmy Chandler…

Jeff Keeran- catch 22- can't get programming

Jerry Keeran 385507, OSCI, PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 54903 

Jeff is one of Wisconsin' Prisoners who were sentenced to life as Juveniles. He has life  just got 30 years knocked off his sentence .He wants to make a bid for parole, and needs to take three programs-AODA, anger management and CGIP- His social worker says his risk rating is low so there is little chance of him getting in and his sentence structure is too long- see his words. The truth is that they are so overcrowded and understaffed that very few people get the programming they need- The social worker was giving Jeff the EXCUSES for no programming. "I've been in prison for 18 years and never had a dirty UA or a ticket that involved anger and yet they still say I need Programming"  (for drugs and Anger management). And then they say he cannot have it because his risk level is too low and others need it more. 

See his latest letter and explanation here:

Jeff Keeran - no prorgamming/ https://ffupstuff.files.wor…

Ron Schroeder Supervision requirements that leave him homeless and friendless

We are especially harsh on sex offenders and treat them all horribly, whether they are serial rapists or are a young man who had an affair with a consenting underage girl. All studies /experience shows that sex offenders are usually known well by the victim-often a family member and are often protected by that family, are never stopped and never brought to justice, The sex offender laws make these people homeless and friendless, making them vulnerable to new crimes to stay alive. They have  however, the lowest rate of re offense (with same type of crime)of any group.

Ron Schroeder

Ron Schroeder was revoked for writing his daughter, supposedly to tell her why he could not contacting there anymore after restrictions were put on him> He is a find litigator and did win his release for the summer> However- the DOC is refusing to allow him to live with the family that is welcoming him and will help him reestablish himself; he is banned form having any contact with any ex offenders whi…

Anthony Salmon- Revocation that ruins all progress

Anthony Salmon 207771, NLCI
   After being out of prison for more than 4 years and building up a business. paying off all debts, has disagreement with Agent on parole rules which inhibit his contracts- story below- ends up being revoked for 2 1/2 years- no sense- will lose business and all he has gained. WHY?

Here is his letter: to FFUP 3 28 17:

I'm contacting you and several other offices around the State of Wisconsin in hopes of being heard with a few concerns and questions about my recent revocation from Extended Supervision.


-Released from prison in 2010 after 7 yrs. No major conduct reports, 2 minors.
-Completed all programs and treatment ordered by courts and DOC.

-No violations until 2015 when I deviated from a travel permit.

-No New Charges, No Law breaking allegations, No similarities to original charge from 03', No dirty UA's

-1 started a business. I'm President and CEO, with 6 employees (Weather Safe Const. Inc.)

-I caught up on ($70k) in bac…