Anthony Salmon- Revocation that ruins all progress

Anthony Salmon 207771, NLCI
   After being out of prison for more than 4 years and building up a business. paying off all debts, has disagreement with Agent on parole rules which inhibit his contracts- story below- ends up being revoked for 2 1/2 years- no sense- will lose business and all he has gained. WHY?

Here is his letter: to FFUP 3 28 17:

I'm contacting you and several other offices around the State of Wisconsin in hopes of being heard with a few concerns and questions about my recent revocation from Extended Supervision.


-Released from prison in 2010 after 7 yrs. No major conduct reports, 2 minors.
-Completed all programs and treatment ordered by courts and DOC.

-No violations until 2015 when I deviated from a travel permit.

-No New Charges, No Law breaking allegations, No similarities to original charge from 03', No dirty UA's

-1 started a business. I'm President and CEO, with 6 employees (Weather Safe Const. Inc.)

-I caught up on ($70k) in back child support. I'm current w/ all financial obligations (child support, supervision fees, mortgage and loans).

I was revoked for 2 yrs. 4 mo. 25 days for failing to report to my agent after a miss communication and then a "fall out" with her.

With the agent admitting I am not a danger to the community, today's MASS OVERCROWDING in the Wis. Prison system AND after researching the PLOTKIN ANALYSIS, the Mitigating Factors as well as ACT 196. I can't understand how the length of re confinement makes any sense.

I'm fighting NOT to lose all that I've gained thus far in life.
I thank you for reviewing the following document I put together. Your response is greatly appreciated.

Why can't there be something put in place that gives me a chance to earn an early release, if I'm only here on ES rev. w/ NO charges or law breaking allegations? A violation that has NO similarities or relation to my original charges that placed me in prison and on ES (2003) in the first place.

I was released into the community already (2010), so why after doing so good for 4-5 yrs do I have to return back to medium custody for the entire rev, period? I had NO violations, NO sanctions since prison release in 2010. In 2015, I deviated from a travel permit by driving to Vegas for the day without permission. I was with my grandfather, girlfriend, dad and aunt. The travel permit was to visit my dad in Arizona.

My agent, Dawn Ragan, ordered I be placed on the monitor for 90 days. I didn't actually go on bracelet for about 2 months, was never placed in custody either.

After a few disagreements w/ agent Ragen about traveling outside Brown Co. for work, her continuous rule changes w/ "out times", etc. I removed the bracelet after about 114 days. I had several business contracts yet to fulfill for the year and I couldn't keep rescheduling them because of agent Ragen's problem w/ me having to work outside Brown Co. and her refusal to work with my hectic work schedule.

I remained in contact w/ Ragen. I also contacted my former agent Ben Lardinois, US Marshall Rodney Clauss, (2) sheriffs deputies as well as family and friends. They all attempted to contact agent Ragen on my behalf to resolve this matter. Ragen refused to return calls and refused to help work out a resolution. I have statements and the Chronological Log to verify this.

I failed to appear to agent Ragen's office, I refused to honor her directives to present myself to authorities because she told me to cancel my remaining contracts and that I was going into custody (before I removed the bracelet).

I resided @ my residence for the 5 months I was not complying w/ Ragen. I fulfilled my several contracts for my business (Weather Safe Const. Inc.). I maintained paying my child support, supervision fees, mortgage payments and all financial obligations. I ALSO stayed "IN COMPLIANCE" w/ SORP. They sent me several compliance check forms during the 5 months, I signed, dated and returned every single one on time!

I completed all programs and treatments ordered by the courts and parole agents. I passed each UA test given to me. I admitted to my violations to agent Ragen.

At rev, hearing, agent Ragen and her witness both stated they didn't think I was a danger to the community.

So what warrants the 2 1/2 yrs. Agent Ragen requested @ rev, hearing? (Stating that amount of time was what I had remaining on my 8 yr. ES). I have to forfeit all my good, positive adjustment time I served and have to do it all over again?


I stand to lose my business, lose my house, my assets and the positive adj. I've busted my tail for. I stand to fall back into debt w/ child support and default on my mortgage and other obligations as well.

I understand that my actions weren't very smart. It should've been handled differently. But, 2 1/2 yrs. Re-confinement after all I've accomplished since release in 2010. With NO crimes, charges, violations related to original charge, non-violent, no danger to the community. Has a successful business, maintains all financial obligations, completed all programs and treatment. I feel the 2 1/2 yrs. is harsh and can defiantly force me into bankruptcy, close my business and be a "Negative" step back. At age 42, this could be overwhelming.

Handwritten note” I’ve been incarcerated since Feb 23,2016.
My Supervision is from Brown County


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